lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

A little bit of me

 Girls, i know that i post photos about fashion or other interest all the time. and that's ok because is a fashion blog, but this needs a change. i feel that's very mono and i don't feel fully myself if i post ictures all the time so from this day on i'm going to make fashion posts and personal posts to. i'm not going to write about my problems but i think that show somethings about my life it would make it a little more interest.
  Here, in tis "revolutionary" post i'm going to update some photos from my life.

This is my little nephew call Luna
Isn't she lovely?

This are my five BFFs
in order:  Nuria, Sofia, Paula, Valeria and Justina

And this is me:
In the Sheraton Hotel for the BAAM

Hope you like my change.



1 comentario:

  1. Está buena la idea :)
    Creo que es importante identificarse con lo que uno está haciendo!!